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Volunteer with SFS

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Discover opportunities to volunteer with Sustainable Fashion Scotland, join our spirited team, and contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.

2022/23 Opportunities

At Sustainable Fashion Scotland, we are beginning to prepare for issue 3 of the SFS magazine and launch event and we need your help in various roles! Building on our learnings from issue 2’s digital magazine and event, we are getting organised a little earlier.

If you are interested in volunteering with us in 2022 or early 2023, please read through all details below, complete our Volunteer Interest form, and come along to one of our information calls.

To learn more, come along to one of our information calls:

  1. Wednesday 19th October, 3-4pm. Register.

  2. Monday 24th October, 3.30-4.30pm. Register.

  3. Thursday 27th October, 7-8.30pm. Register.


If you cannot make any of these calls, please note this in your availability when completing the Volunteer Interest form and we will be in touch to organise another time. (If you don't hear back in 2 weeks, please contact us.)

About volunteering

At SFS we highly value volunteer support and believe volunteering should be mutually beneficial. This means we encourage you to support with activities that are of interest and value to you as well as us. You choose which volunteer opportunities you want to be involved in and how much time you have to support. No task is compulsory.

All volunteers will be supported by a member of the SFS team (Mairi or Liisa) with weekly or biweekly check-in calls - when needed. Communication between calls will happen over Slack, our digital team workspace. We'll get you set up on this when you start volunteering with us.

We ask each volunteer to read over and agree to our Code of Conduct so that volunteering expectations are shared and understood before you get involved.

The Project


We are beginning to prepare for issue 3 of the SFS magazine and we need your help! Join the SFS team as a volunteer to support us with one or more of the following areas:

  1. Magazine planning, creation, and editing

  2. Launch event planning and execution (in-person community event held in late Feb/early March 2023)

  3. Marketing and communications (strategy development and content creation)

  4. Crowdfunding planning and execution (for printed magazine copies)

  5. Funding applications (sourcing, writing, editing)


We need your support during one or more of the following periods between October 2022 and April 2023:

  1. Initiation and Planning. Late October (w/c 17th) to mid December (16th).

  2. Planning + Execution. Mid January 2023 (w/c 16th) to late Feb/early March.

  3. Event week. Around late Feb/early March.

  4. Project Close. Mid March to mid April.

We are flexible with time commitments but generally estimate you will spend around 1-2 hours volunteering per week, increasing to a maximum of 4 during busy periods (such as on the day of the in-person event). It is okay if your availability changes during the project; we are grateful for any time you can give!

The Tasks

Together we will develop your tasks during information and planning calls, but here is a rough idea of what you could be working on in each area.

1. Magazine

  • Ideate magazine theme, format, content, aesthetics etc. with the team

  • Research content for articles

  • Create article page layout templates (using Canva)

  • Write articles

  • Proofread articles

  • Edit community submissions to fit the templates

  • Communicate/coordinate with people sending submissions (over email)

2. Launch event

  • Ideate and develop event plan

  • Research event venue and location

  • Coordinate with suppliers, caterers, etc.

  • Coordinate with event participants such as workshop hosts

  • Develop activities for during the event

  • Source equipment, materials etc.

3. Marketing and communications

  • Develop marketing strategy for the magazine launch and event

  • Create content and write copy for issue 2 promotion (to get people excited for issue 3)

  • Create content and write copy for issue 3 launch and post-launch materials

  • Create content and materials to support other areas such as crowdfunding, events


4. Crowdfunding

  • Research crowdfunding platforms and best practices

  • Plan an engaging crowdfunder for the print magazine

  • Create a marketing and sales strategy

  • Write copy for the crowdfunder campaign

  • Coordinate with suppliers etc.

5. Funding

  • Get to know the SFS strategy/goals to understand which grants will align

  • Research funding opportunities for SFS

  • Support in writing, providing feedback, and editing funding applications

If you have any questions about volunteering, please get in touch with Liisa or Mairi.

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