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2nd Birthday Online Exhibition

To celebrate our 2nd birthday with our community who were not able to attend our in-person event in Edinburgh on Wednesday 16th March 2022, we have created an online exhibition showcasing Issue 2 of the SFS magazine as well as inspiring creative work submitted by the #SustFashScotland community.

Recordings from the in-person event will also be uploaded here once ready.

Please enjoy our and the community's creative work and help us celebrate a wonderful 2 years of Sustainable Fashion Scotland!

Watch the event recap video

Filmed by Hannah Love & Kim Beverage
Edited by Hannah Love (@hannahlove673)

SFS Magazine - Issue 2

Celebrating the progress and achievements of Sustainable Fashion Scotland and the #SustFashScotland community in 2021.

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Best viewed on a large screen.

Scotland Re:Design Online Film Festival

As part of the Scotland Re:Design Fashion Festival 2021, a series of short films and live streams were created and published by Scottish Designers, Tech Professionals, and Sustainability Champions.


Below SR:D have kindly shared three films, including one created by Sustainable Fashion Scotland in collaboration with Beira and ZWDO Collective. This short film tells the story of the Generation of Waste exhibit on the fashion industry's textile waste crisis, displayed at COP26.


SR:D invites you to give a donation from £5 to view all 12 films at home. Access via their website at

Set-up, style and shoot with Jo-AMI featuring Kathryn Rattray

Kreativedon presents Fashion in Diaspora

Generation of Waste

When you donate to access all 12 films via Scotland Re:Design, you will gain access to a Q&A with the Generation of Waste team.

Jessica Jane Harle


"I am a multi-disciplinary designer and photographer studying MDes Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. I have been developing a project titled ‘The New North: Scottish Identity & Sustainable Fashion’ which is photographically exploring the concept of contemporary Scottish Identity with a focus on up-and-coming sustainable fashion designers. The outcome will be released at the end of May 2022 in the form of a publication."

Isabell Buenz


"I create women's clothes (mainly skirts sizes 12-16) and accessories from preloved material and refashion them into new and colourful items. I use mainly denim from old jeans and cotton fabrics to achieve unique pieces. All material and haberdashery used are from charity shops, discarded or donated."

Cat Park


Cat shares the story and process behind their 'rag rug' as well as its impact on textile waste. Created as part of the Generation of Waste COP26 exhibit.

Alva-Louisa Rose


Connect on LinkedIn

"I created this poster for the communicating ethics course during my masters at heriot watt university to raise awareness of garment workers wage situations. My masters dissertation focuses on living wages in the textile and apparel industry and is available to read on my linked in."

Alva-Louisa Rose.png



Co-founders: @rosalindmain and @morganruthmctiernan

Photography: @daniellewattfilmandphoto

This photoshoot is all about items of clothing that bring meaning, pieces that have sentimental value or make you feel good when wearing it! The theme is inspired by the need for rewearing items of clothing, for the environment and ourselves

Katie @kaatie.williams

"I picked up this dress in a vintage kilo sale about 7 years ago. I love how feminine it makes me feel, but it also makes me feel so comfortable. I don't worry about it feeling too tight or too short - it is my absolute go to. But even more special, my mum had one similar in the 90s. And that's what I love about secondhand clothing: is that this dress likely belonged to someone's mum, auntie or sister and I took out the shoulder pads and gave it another lease of life."

Wacera @cera_k

"I chose this multicoloured maxi skirt from Grassfields which I had been eyeing up for a while and now recently added to my wardrobe.

I chose this skirt as for a while I was always scared to wear bright colours but when I started uni I decided to start adding more colour in my clothing which often included bright coloured prints. I think after years of wearing black and white as uniform it was a much needed change.

It's always nice incorporating African fabrics and patterns in my wardrobe either dressed up or down. For a while people mostly reserved such bold prints just for celebrations but more and more I'm seeing people wearing these prints every day which is nice. When wearing bold statement clothing the fear is that people will think you're full of yourself but you have to remember you wear your clothes for yourself cause you like it and you think you look amazing, and if people notice, let them notice.

We all turn our heads when a peacock fans its feathers, fan yours too."

Imogen @imipeterson

"Just things that make me happy. My dinosaur jumper that Holly surprised me with because I love dinosaurs. Especially stegosaurus. My bee wellies that Sarah got me because I've refused to have wellies since my last pair of watermelon wellies when I was 16. Bees are just so damn adorable and fuzzy (also the bee population declining is an issue we should all take a little more seriously).


I just think if you're going to wear wellies you should splash in puddles and be a child and so if your wellies aren't fun then you're not fun. I wore a kilt and this is my most serious business umbrella. This brings me joy because everything is from people I love and I can just be comfortable without even considering what my body looks like. This is pretty much how I've always dressed when I have nowhere to be. I like to think it's, 'Winnie the Pooh but they've realised life outside the Hundred Acre Wood ain't all it's cracked up to be.'"

Rosalind @rosalindmain

"My black dress has been neatly tucked away since I wore it at my undergraduate Graduation Ball in 2016. This shoot is the first time I've worn it since the ball and it feels great to celebrate a dress that I wore on one of my most important days as a student newly graduating in Aberdeen.

I bought it at a vintage sale for £10 the summer before 4th year started so the dress was in a sense one of many goals for me to get to the finish line of my degree! Thinking to myself, 'If I graduate I can wear this' - it's amazing what memories are captured in the clothes we own."

Elizabeth Willox

"I produced the Spring 2022 Finzean Collection as part of my Year 1 HND Textiles Course at NESCOL (North East Scotland College, Aberdeen). The brief was to produce a collection of 4 A4 samples of textile wallpaper for a country home, with all materials sourced secondhand."

ACS Clothing

My Fashion Path: Re-Clothing the Future Conference was hosted at Glasgow Caledonian University during COP26. The event was organised by ACS Clothing and Developing the Young Workforce to engage and educate young people on sustainable fashion and the importance of understanding the resource and craftsmanship that goes into each garment.

The project also included workshops at ACS' factory with guest facilitators from the #SustFashScotland community.

Lewis Dawson


Connect on LinkedIn

I am a 3rd year Fashion Design with Business student at Glasgow Caledonian University, and have been heavily focussed on designing with sustainability in mind to break the linear design process. I hope to one day be involved more with sustainable design practice once I graduate.

Kerry Keys, Purple Threads

"I am about to launch my online shop for my business, Purple Threads. I take unwanted clothing and fabrics and take everything apart, clean them and then make completely new items. I re-use as much as possible: cloth, haberdashery, trims, buttons etc. I like to make bow ties from old neck ties. I make skirts, waistcoats, jackets, and more.

I was a student of Ros Studd at Gray's School of Art and I still occasionally help out with Repair What You Wear events. She is a great inspiration and because of her support, I am now sewing full time."


Special Thanks

We would like to say a special thank you to all the people exhibiting at our in-person event:

Rosie Bristow, Flax Farmer


Lighthouse, Edinburgh's Radical Bookshop

Students from Heriot-Watt University, Sustainable Actions Quilt

ACS Clothing

Clothes Swap by SHRUB Coop and Swap Family

Mending circle facilitated by Mary Morton

And thank you to the musicians providing us with live music:

Rosie Bristow and friends

Ella Taylor

Ruby Scott-Geddes

And of course, thank you to all our wonderful event and magazine volunteers for their hard work! We couldn't have done this without you. Now, let's celebrate and eat cake!

SFS Magazine
SR:D Film Festival
Jessica Jane Harle
Isabell Buenz
Cat Park
Alva-Louisa Rose
Elizabeth Willox
ACS Clothing
Lewis Dawson
Kerry Keys
Special Thanks
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